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The Globe house

The globe was viewed as the gem in a splendid Italian-style terraced garden. It was housed in a Lusthaus [magnificent pavilion] which was built in 1650 and named after its builder Duke Friedrich III.

With three storeys, the elongated, cubic simple building structure had an impressive height. As also in favour of a roof terrace no inclined roof surfaces were used, the Lusthaus had an atypical look which is strange for the north.

The Friedrichsburg was just ready built in Spring 1654 as a shell construction and had to be reconstructed to accommodate the globe. The building only had a “short life” as the globe house. After the Northern War, Tsar Peter the Great requested the Gottorf Globe as a present in 1713 and the Globe house was broken open in order to enable the removal of the huge sphere. The gaping “wound” in the building was no longer closed and it decayed. Finally, the building was sold for demolition in 1768.

The reproduction – marked by modern architectural language

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