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How the inner surface was reconstructed...

The depiction of the firmament in the Gottorf Globe also originates from a template from W. J. Blaeuw (1571-1638) from the Austrian National Library in Vienna. Firstly, the star pictures were photographed from the Viennese Globe. These pictures served as a basis for ornamental painting.

An appropriate historic star atlas could be found in the Rudolphine Tables from Johannes Kepler (1571-1630), which names the positions of the stars in the northern hemisphere numerically - also for the year 1630 - from which the globe template from W.J. Blaeuw originates.

This data was recorded digitally, transferred from a historic-ecliptic system to an equatorial reference system and converted to the year 1650 - because the Gottorf Globe was only constructed then. More than a thousand stars were thus marked on the firmament and grouped as the star pictures which had been recorded photographically from the Vienna Globe. 

Only then could the painter Barbara Butzke commence her work and help the Gottorf Globe to attain its Baroque look.

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